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BCRP Remembers

President Ronald Wilson Reagan
1911 - 2004


A RESOLUTION designating June 5 th of each year, "Reagan Remembrance Day" in Boone County, Kentucky.

WHEREAS, President Reagan's devotion to the principles of freedom, limited government, strict constructionism, and respect for and the celebration of traditional American values like patriotism, courage and personal accountability helped to positively alter the landscape of the United States, and, in the process, changed the course of history. These values will forever be celebrated as an eternal monument to the life of Ronald Wilson Reagan ; and

WHEREAS, President Reagan conveyed true conservatism throughout the American political and judicial landscape, and as a direct result thereof, helped return the Constitution to the form the Framers had bequeathed us, thereby reaffirming to judges that their duty was to interpret the law of the Constitution, not make it; and

WHEREAS, President Reagan's successful conclusion of the Cold War paved the way for the Arms Reduction Accord with the former Soviet Union and forced the Iron Curtain open for countless peoples, thus leading to liberating political and economic reforms throughout Eastern Europe; thereby laying to rest an era of fear and tyranny; and

WHEREAS, President Reagan initiatives to restore the efficiency and morale of the armed services by modernizing their equipment, facilities and training re-established the strength, honor, and global reverence of the US military; and

WHEREAS, President Reagan's gift of communication helped heal our nation during times of loss, tragedy, and remembrance, which provided hope for tomorrow and thanks for today; and

WHEREAS, President Reagan's economic initiatives and conservative fiscal policies created nearly 15-million jobs, a soaring stock market, record low interest rates, and low inflation, thereby providing an environment conducive to achieving the "American Dream"; and

WHEREAS, President Reagan will be remembered as a man who loved his country, his family, his neighbor, what was right and true, and most of all, he loved his father in heaven; and

WHEREAS, the people of Boone County, Kentucky proclaim that we honor your history now that you are gone. You did appeal to our best hopes and not our worst fears. You instilled within us great confidence and quelled our fears, and Sir; we will travel the road ahead with liberty's lamp guiding our steps and because of your astounding presidency, opportunity's arm steadying our way. Thank you for your devoted service to your country and countrymen . . . now rest in peace with our deepest gratitude our beloved 40 th president.


Be it resolved by the People of The Boone County Republican Party

Resolution Drafted By: Jim Newman


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