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Republican Organizations:

Republican National Committee

Republican Party of Kentucky
The National Republican Senatorial Committee
The National Republican Congressional Committee
Republican Govenor's Association
The College Republican National Committee
The Republican Liberty Caucus
The Republican Leadership Council
The Kentucky Federation of College Republicans
Kentucky Young Republican Federation
Boone County Republican Party
Hamilton County Republican Party
Franklin County Republican Party
Jefferson County Republican Party
National Federation of Republican Women
National Federation of Republican Assemblies

Government Sites:
US Senate
US House of Representatives
Index of Federal Government Sites
Thomas: Library of Congress
The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution of the United States
The Bill of Rights
The Federalist Papers
The Commonwealth of Kentucky
Kentucky Legislative Research Commission
Kentucky Board of Elections
Kentucky Registry of Election Finance

Conservative Sites:
National Rifle Association
National Right to Life
Gun Owner's of America
National Taxpayers Union
2nd Amendment Foundation
Concerned Women For America
Tax Foundation
Media Research Council
Executive Orders
The Claremont Institute
Reagan Ranch
Radio America
Republican Gifts
The Daily Republican
The Debt Clock
The Michael Reagan Information Interchange
The Right Side of the Web
The Ronald Reagan Homepage
The Town Hall
Vote Net
Yahoo! Index of Political Web Sites
Young America's Foundation
Future of Freedom Foundation
Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed

Service Organizations:
The American Legion
US Jaycees
Volunteers of America
Rotary International
Optimists International
Lions Clubs
Boy Scouts of America
Girl Scouts of America
Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

Miscellaneous Sites:
Rush Limabugh
Dr. Laura
G. Gordon Liddy
Ken Hamblin - The Black Avenger
The Ollie North Home Page

Cincinnati Enquirer
Kentucky Post
Herald Leader
Courier Journal
USA Today
Roll Call
CNN Interactive

WXIX, Channel 19
WKRC, Channel 12
WCPO, Channel 9
WLWT, Channel 5
WKYT, Channel 27
WLEX, Channel 18

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